Intelligent Paints

The smarter choice for both your home and your family, our ‘Intelligent Paints’ are child-safe and environmentally-friendly without compromising our hallmark flatness and depth of colour.

In addition to providing a beautiful finish, the ‘Intelligent,’ water-based paints are durable and hard-wearing, produced to resist the wear and tear of the modern family home. Should there be any accidents, the ‘Intelligent’ paints are washable, providing the perfect finish for high traffic rooms in the house such as hallways and landings. They are also easy-to apply, quick-drying and low odour, meaning you can complete your project quickly.

They can be used with utmost confidence on most surfaces, including plaster, woodwork, radiators and even outside.


Matt Emulsion

A totally matt, yet completely washable alternative to traditional emulsion paint, ‘Intelligent Matt’s’ durable, washable finish is perfect for walls in high traffic areas such as hallways, landings and family rooms.

Should there be any accidents, walls can simply be washed with lukewarm water making it ideal for nurseries and kitchens. See available colours.



An elegant, low-sheen finish, ‘Intelligent Eggshell’ is the perfect finish for woodwork and walls where total scrubbability is required.

Use Intelligent Eggshell on doors, window frames, skirting boards, panelling and furniture. Also suitable for kitchen or bathroom walls in the splash zone.  See available colours.



With a sophisticated high-sheen finish, Intelligent Gloss can be used on both interior and exterior woodwork.

A popular choice for front doors, Intelligent Gloss reflects light and provides a distinctive contrast next to a matt surface.. See available colours.


Exterior Eggshell

A simple and effective way of refreshing your outdoor space, ‘Intelligent Exterior Eggshell’ is a self-priming, highly flexible low-sheen finish, suitable for all exterior woodwork and joinery. See available colours.