Light and Dark Colours

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Showcasing unrivalled understanding of colour balance, mood and light in contemporary interiors, all of our ‘Light & Dark’ images are underpinned by the five concepts of Paint & Paper Library. We see that the majority of colour schemes naturally fall into these categories: Strongly Contrasting; Softly Contrasting; Related; Monochromatic; & Monochromatic – Single Colour.

The important relationship between light and dark is intrinsic to our palette and reflects the ethos on which the company was founded 20 years ago.  

Elegant and sophisticated, these schemes have been designed to highlight meaningful ways of using colour to create environments with varying depths, tones and moods. 

Strongly Contrasting

Light & Dark - Strongly Contrasting

Use mid-strength colours at opposite ends of the spectrum to create a ‘strong, contemporary contrast’ of light and dark tones. The contrast of light and dark within this combination creates a gentle tension within the scheme.


CENTRAL WALL: TEMPLE 238 in Pure Flat Emulsion

RIGHT WALL: BLUE PEARL 670 in Pure Flat Emulsion

LEFT WALL & WINDOW SILL: BTWN DOG & WOLF 693 – Architects’ Eggshell



Softly Contrasting

 Light & Dark - Softly Contrasting

Two neutral colours of similar strength are used in combination to create a subtle, gentle contrast. The addition of a darker tone on the lower wall creates grounding and depth within a fairly simple space. Add a lighter tone as a highlight to create more drama.


MAIN WALL & SKIRTING: ROUGE II 326 in Pure Flat Emulsion

LEFT WALL & SKIRTING: THE BOTANIST 574 in Pure Flat Emulsion

ARCHITRAVE DETAIL: BRONZE 283 in Pure Flat Emulsion




Light & Dark


The combination of soft architectural shades made with the same pigment at different strengths provides a subtle graduation of colour from light to dark. A contrasting lighter white colour creates a ‘strong, sharp contrast’ in a gentle, scheme.


BACK WALL & SKIRTING: SOBEK 587 in Pure Flat Emulsion

LEFT WALL: STEEL III 603 in Pure Flat Emulsion





Light & Dark - Related


A dark, dominant foreground provides a clear transition and notable change of atmosphere within an open room. The ‘Lead’ family of Architectural Colours provides tonal change within the scheme. The blue undertones draw out the pigment in the bold, blue ‘Squid Ink’ to create a ‘strongly contrasting yet related’ scheme.


BACK WALL: LEAD V 685 in Pure Flat Emulsion

DOOR, SKIRTING & CORNICING: LEAD III 683 in Architects’ Eggshell

CEILING: LEAD I 681 in Pure Flat Emulsion

RIGHT COLUMN: SQUID INK 698 in Architects’ Eggshell



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