Origins of Colour

Origins of Colour

Our paints are designed to give a profound depth of colour by using only the finest pigments and ingredients.

Many of our colours have been found in some of the most prestigious properties around the world and this has been reflected in our colour palette.

A ‘world traveller’ ethos has inspired many of our shades, creating a global language for both well-travelled and aspiring travelers alike.

Some colours have been taken directly from grand interior spaces, some sourced from historic locations, others simply redolent of a landmark or destination which have been developed by our design team into unique and highly versatile shades.

Showcasing this, we have selected just a few colours that have historical or travel related provenance:

Georgetown – A colour of deep and richly polished wood, inspired by one of the world’s leading Universities in Washington, USA.

Georgetown Brushstroke

Drakensburg - Redolent of the highest mountain range in South Africa.

Drakensburg Brushstroke

Paris Rooftops - A warm, charcoal tone representative of Zinc cladding on Parisian roofs.

Paris Rooftops Brushstroke 

Rouge II – Taken from the State Rooms of the first and second French Empire.

Rouge II Brushstroke

Teal - A Parisian blue-green taken from an 18th-century salon on the Rive Gauche.

Teal Brushstroke

Beetlenut - Rich and exotic. Inspired by the chewing of the infamous South Asian nut.

Beetlenut Brushstroke


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