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Blue and green hues, whether strong or muted, are perfect for imbuing a space with a serene and comforting ambience. From the sumptuous, blackened teal, Nori, to the contemporary deep green, Sencha, the Paint & Paper Library palette offers an array of distinguished shades to enhance an interior space.

Gain design inspiration from these sophisticated blue and green colour schemes to achieve a tranquil atmosphere.

Embrace rich, deep shades of blue-green in bold colour drenching designs

Strong, resonant deep blue-greens work perfectly in colour drenching schemes. In the dynamic lighting of south or west-facing rooms, these colours fully immerse guests in their sumptuous depth of colour. 

A blackened teal, Nori creates a sense of comfort in a study or living space. Its rich pigmentation and calm green undertones balance beautifully to create a scheme that is luxurious and soothing. Amplify this effect by pairing Nori with natural finishes such as stone or wood. Add playful contrast with accents of burnt orange and pale green. 

Wall: Nori

Rear Wall: Roben’s Honour

Architrave: Slate IV

Rear Panelling: Slate III

Add interest with panelling or accent colours

For a compelling design, incorporate architectural features or contrasting accent colours into a blue or green colour drenching scheme. Panelling is a fabulous way to enhance an immersive space with textural interest. It can either be added to a contemporary home or highlighted as an existing period feature.


Iguana is inspired by the distinctive shade of the chameleonesque Cayman Blue Iguana. This tranquil teal is a wonderful choice for north-facing rooms, where the cooler light will draw out the beautiful blue undertones.


For an intriguing living space, use Iguana in an all-over scheme alongside decorative panelling. This pairing brings a cocooning, almost Mediterranean feel and works beautifully with a fresh neutral like Cotton II on the ceiling.

Walls: Iguana

Mockingbird is a fabulous profound blue that can be used on all four walls for an indulgent, enveloping bathroom scheme. A contrasting accent colour can be introduced to provide a touch of relief. Consider pairing Mockingbird with the sultry muted pink, Kasbah, for a classic colour combination that delivers an elegant feel.

Wall/Trim: Mockingbird

Bath: Kasbah

Ceiling: Lead III

Evoke nature with vibrant green hues

Neither too warm nor too cool, greens are a versatile choice that instil a space with a strong sense of calm. They can be used to create schemes redolent of the natural world, offering an uplifting atmosphere.


Sencha is a natural, mid-strength green that brings personality and character. It can be used alongside Pollen II for an intimate bedroom space with a strong contrast.

Walls: Sencha

Cornicing: Pollen II

For an inviting scheme inspired by the colours of nature, try using different shades of green in combination. Showcase one rich green shade on the walls and pair with coordinating green accents on skirtings and woodwork.


A bold yet restful green, Fynbos is perfect for a welcoming hallway. Introduce Sobek and Chelsea Green II to envelop guests in a myriad of natural tones upon entering the home.

Walls: Fynbos

Ceiling: Slate II

Trim: Sobek

Spindles|: Slate III

Mirror: Chelsea Green II

Use Architectural Colours in combination for a tonal scheme

The Architectural Colours palette is arranged in families of soft neutrals, each comprising five shades in graduating strength. The spectrum of green Architectural families ranges from the timeless, muted Wattle to the tranquil mint, Glass. Combine hues from one colour scale for a harmonious scheme with a natural sense of depth.


For a gentle green, consider the Architectural family, Sprig. It can be used as an alternative to more classic neutrals for a backdrop with a little personality. Use shades of Sprig in a striking colour block design for a modern tonal scheme.

Walls: Sprig III , Sprig V , Sprig I

Ceiling: Sprig I

Explore the full palette of tranquil blues and natural greens.