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A protective and durable, water-based paint that dries to a high sheen finish.

This tough, flexible and hardwearing gloss paint is suitable for interior and exterior woodwork, furniture, metalwork and radiators. The high gloss finish of this water-based paint makes it an excellent choice for front doors, where it delivers dual impact and sophistication.

With multi-surface adhesion properties, Architects’ Gloss can be applied to both walls and woodwork or used in combination with our flat finishes, for a distinctive look that plays with sheen levels and their effect on colour.

Before applying Architects’ Gloss to new metalwork and aged gloss paint, we recommend priming with Architects’ A.S.P.

Wall & Tiling: Mchanga

  • Available in 750ml
  • Covers up to 14 square metres squared per litre
  • 80% sheen level (high gloss)
  • Quick-drying, re-coatable in 4 hrs
  • Interior and exterior use

Walls: Minim

Units and Highlight Stripe: Opus

Island: Kohl

Technical Data - Sept 2022 onwards

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Technical Data

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Architects' Gloss