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Botany Wallpaper Collection

Discover our botanical wallpaper collection, inspired by exotic flora and folia and translated for interiors by our travelling artist.

Totalling 52 colourways over nine patterns, each design was originally drawn or painted by hand. Arranged by colour palette, alongside judiciously selected paint shades, the Botany papers are designed to feature in both classic and eclectic interior styles.

The comprehensive colour palette draws its evocative names from existing Paint & Paper Library paint shades, with which the papers harmonise: Sea Nor Sky, Acqua Viva & Squid Ink; Porcelain, Plaster & Stone; Slate, Kohl & Steel; Rhubarb, Scallion & Salt.

Browse our botanical print wallpapers alongside complementary paint colours.

Feather Flora

A delicate all-over floral design, showing abstract flowers floating gently in the breeze. Created from a watercolour and crayon artwork, the design was inspired by the feather-like outline of palm leaves. This small-scale pattern has been created in five diverse colourways, each enjoying a subtle fibrous texture.


A large-scale mural, this enchanting design depicts a dreamy, ethereal landscape of leafy silhouettes on a contemporary ombré ground. The treatment of the design is inspired by cyanotype, more familiarly known as the blueprint process. Each of the four tonal colourways achieves a sophisticated balance of monochromatic colour.

Hardy Palm

Featuring a pencil illustration of the sculptural Trachycarpus palm (also known as Chusan or Windmill palm, a fully hardy palm originating from China), the design depicts strong vertical stems and bold architectural leaves, and was inspired by stylised botanical paintings applied directly onto plaster walls. This confident pattern has been carefully coloured on five striking grounds, creating an alfresco ambience within any interior space.


An elegant all-over design, created from a watercolour and crayon rendering of a leaf sprig. The graphic quality is inspired by Indian botanical motifs, which were typically seen in the form of miniature paintings or painted directly onto interior and exterior walls. Created in seven contemporary colourways, this delicate yet versatile pattern offers a gentle ambience to any area of the home.


A contemporary reimagining of a sepia watercolour painting, depicting a panoramic Indian Jungle scene. Jangala, meaning ‘jungle’ in Hindi, is printed on a textural, non-woven base that resembles watercolour paper. The pattern is defined by a soft, hand-drawn outline that brings a gentle elegance to this large-scale, three panel mural. Jangala has been carefully coloured in three graduated colourways, each transitioning from light, at the top of the panel, to dark, at floor level.

Marquetry Tile

A timeless diamond design inspired by marquetry and mosaic tiles. Suitable for all kinds of rooms, Marquetry Tile’s graphic form and clean geometric lines are softened by the traditional surface printing process chosen to achieve a gentle, painterly finish. The Paint & Paper Library colour palette has been used carefully to select seven combinations of soft and strongly contrasting two-tone colourways.


A compact geometric form, seen - sometimes very subtly - in historical architecture and interior design the world over. In contrast to the source material, inlaid encaustic floor tiles, this design is printed using traditional methods, with overlaid inks used to recreate the smooth matt texture of ceramic tiles. In nine carefully curated colourways, each printed using three flat colours, combined in exquisite harmony.


A small-scale, all-over motif, referencing the seedpods of the Indian lotus flower. The artwork has evolved from basic crayon rubbings of seedpods into a delicate surface print. This versatile wallpaper is an ideal backdrop to artwork and furniture; the simplicity of the design, its organic form, and the surface-printed mark, combine to create a soft, textural finish. This two-tone pattern has been produced in seven colourways, featuring five architectural combinations to reflect the everyday usability of the design.


A handsome watercolour treatment of large-scale variegated foliage. This organic design features oversized leaves coloured in a monochromatic format, each side revealing a contrasting tone of graduated single colour. Tropicane has been coloured in six ways, featuring a combination of neutral and bolder tones.

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